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The Perm National Bolsheviks were detained during a picket with a poster “Handed over Kherson, they will also hand over Moscow”

National Bolshevik Olga Syutkina, who was protesting against the surrender of Kherson by the Russian army, was detained in Perm. This was reported in the telegram channel of her associates.

An activist from Other Russia Limonova stood in front of the Legislative Assembly building with a poster “Hurrendered Kherson, surrendered Moscow.” The poster depicts Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in clown makeup and a wig.

When the police approached the picketer, she cut her hand with the words “This is the blood of Russian people,” the Telegram channel says. According to supporters, Syutkina was not given first aid, but was immediately taken to a paddy wagon to wait for the ambulance to arrive. Then the activist was taken to Police Station No. 6.


Photo: Molotov!/Telegram

Shoigu instructed to withdraw troops from Kherson on November 9. The city has been under Russian occupation since March 02. During this time, the appointed authorities managed to hold a “referendum” on the annexation of the region to Russia. Today, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that the region remains a “subject of the Russian Federation” despite the withdrawal of troops. -publish-context-cite__image” alt=”1″ />Article“A little panicky mood.” Russia has announced an evacuation from Kherson and promises everyone apartments, but mostly collaborators are leaving the city

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