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Vucic: Serbia will impose sanctions against Russia only under the “Sword of Damocles”

BELGRADE, Nov 10 Serbian authorities will support sanctions against Russia Serbian leader Aleksandar Vučić said after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. The Serbian President arrived in France on Thursday, where he met with the head of the French Republic on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum. On Friday, Vučić is also expected to meet with EU diplomat Josep Borrell and EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčak. territorial integrity of Ukraine while refusing to impose sanctions against Russia “withstood 270 days of the heaviest pressure in modern Serbian history.”

“We do not pursue a policy of sanctions against those who defended us in 2015 ( Russia's veto in the UN Security Council on the UK resolution on the Srebrenica genocide) and who helped us on the issue of preserving the territorial integrity of our country,” Vučić was quoted by the Tanyug agency.
if we literally have the sword of Damocles over our heads,” the President of Serbia stressed and added that he does not see such a threat so far, but if he is forced to change his position on sanctions, then personally inform the citizens about it.

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