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A hard worker from a large family: the future star Tutberidze – who is it?

Eteri Tutberidze's group is preparing to light up a new star, which turned 14 on Thursday. Sport tells about Alisa Dvoeglazova.

Last year at the Russian Championship among juniors, she took fourth place, ahead of not only Evgeni Plushenko's students Sofya Titova and Veronika Zhilina, but also her classmate Adelia Petrosyan. The same Petrosyan, who can become one of the leaders of the adult Russian team this season.

Dvoeglazova's potential is high not only in comparison with the results of her rivals, but also in and of itself. Despite her young age and diminutiveness, the figure skater is already jumping a quadruple toe loop and the most difficult jump is a quadruple lutz. In training, Alice tries a quadruple loop and a triple axel. In general, he tries in no way to be inferior to his predecessors and idols Alexandra Trusova, Anna Shcherbakova and Kamila Valieva.Dvoeglazova was born in Moscow to an unsportsmanlike family. How did you get on the rink? Mom dreamed of seeing her daughter as a figure skater, and Alice supported this dream with her love for ice and beautiful dresses. Alice has a brother and a younger sister, so from an early age the girl shows independence and organization. She has been skating since she was four years old.

“I like everything about figure skating, but not getting up early… My day starts at five in the morning” , – says Alice.

Alisa was raised as an athlete by trainer Anastasia Burnova, who has been working at Khrustalny since 2004. Her task is to form her own reserve of promising skaters of Khrustalny for subsequent work with Eteri Tutberidze. From the “health centers”, as the parents themselves also call health-improving groups in sports schools, only a few reach the level of the country's leading group. Dvoeglazov is just such an example. She initially did not have outstanding data for jumping, but diligence and optimism turned out to be stronger than any obstacles.

Alice could become a member of the project “Ice Age. Children ”in 2018, but she was too nervous and froze in anticipation of her exit at the qualifying stage – as a result, she fell from two jumps. Not a single mentor invited her to his team, and it was insulting to tears. A year later, Alice again came to the project when she jumped all the triples. Then she got into the team of Ilya Averbukh, although only for one issue. After the issue “Life in Pink” about the fate of Edith Piaf, who was not understood by Tatyana Tarasova, Dvoeglazova left the project.

But the cooperation still turned out to be continued, because Averbukh began to invite the young skater to perform their shows. For example, she participated in the “Wizard of Oz” and other New Year's fairy tales. he never swears and he is cheerful”, – this is how Alice spoke about her mentor.

This season Alice is trying to strengthen her position in the junior team. She won the Panin-Kolomenkin Memorial open competition in St. Petersburg and placed second at the Grand Prix in Sochi, losing to Veronika Zhilina due to several errors. Thus, Alice retains a good chance of reaching the series finale. She has one of the best junior programs of the season in the free program – the cheerful “La La Land” in a sun bunny dress. At the next stage of the Moscow Stars Grand Prix, Dvoeglazova will not perform, so we will wait for her appearance in Samara or Perm.

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