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Media: vessels with disabled location sensors were noticed near Nord Stream

MOSCOW, 11 Nov. In the days before the terrorist attack on the Northern flows” in the area near them were two unidentified vessels with disabled sensors, writes the Wired edition with reference to the analytical company Space Know.
It is noted that the recorded length of these vessels was 95-130 meters. According to analysts, they were passing within a few kilometers of pipeline leaks.
“We observed some dark ships, vessels that were of considerable size, passing through the area of ​​interest. They had their position transmitting systems turned off, that is, there was no information about their movement, and they also tried to hide information about their location and general information from the world, “explained the head and co-founder of the company, Jerry Javornicki.

Company representatives said that after analyzing satellite For 90 days, they managed to capture 25 different ships passing in the area. At the same time, 23 of them had identification systems turned on, the publication emphasizes.

The authors of the material suggest that the experts' data may lead to new speculation about the cause of the leaks. In particular, it is alleged that the analysts shared the information they received with NATO.

The attacks took place on September 26 at once on two Russian export gas pipelines to Europe – Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2. Berlin, Copenhagen and Stockholm do not rule out the possibility of targeted sabotage. Nord Stream AG reported that the state of emergency on gas pipelines is unprecedented, so it is impossible to determine the timing of repairs. On October 31, President Vladimir Putin announced that Gazprom had received permission to survey the site of the Nord Stream explosion, and the head of the company, Alexei Miller, reported to him about the survey. The head of state also called the explosion at Nord Stream an obvious terrorist attack.

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