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Relatives of the Belgorod mobilized created a petition demanding the return of their relatives home

The wives and mothers of those mobilized from the Belgorod region turned to the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, with a demand to return their relatives home. This follows from a petition published on VKontakte.

In total, the relatives of the conscripts put forward six demands. They asked to provide the men with food and ammunition, to organize informing relatives, to conduct sufficient military training on the territory of the Belgorod region, to organize humanitarian assistance for those sent to the front, and to return the men to the region “to protect and perform tasks on the territory of the region.”

The petition says: “It turns out that the command sends mobilized, who do not have sufficient training, to the combat zone, and the further fate of the mobilized does not bother anyone.”

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In addition, the authors of the petition demanded to investigate the reasons for “illegal actions of the military leadership in the Svatovo sector and specifically in relation to the 752 regiments of military unit 34670 mobilized in the Belgorod region.” According to relatives, the mobilized were sent to fight without enough provisions and ammunition, because of which the regiment was defeated. “Someone was seriously injured, someone died, many do not get in touch and there is no information about what happened to them,” the petition says.

Earlier, about the return of the mobilized home, since they were training, asked relatives of conscripts from Vologda. They recorded a video message to the head of the region Oleg Kuvshinnikov and “higher authorities”.

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