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The United States allowed an increase in the presence in the Asia-Pacific region due to the actions of the DPRK

WASHINGTON, Nov 12 US President Joe Biden to warn Chinese leader Xi Jinping that continued provocations by North Korea could lead to an increase in the US military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, US national security adviser Jake Sullivan said.
“He will tell President Xi about his point of view: North Korea represents a threat not only to the US, Korea and Japan, but to peace and stability in the entire region. And if North Korea continues on this path, it will mean a further increase in the American military presence in the region,” Sullivan told reporters aboard the presidential board on the way to Cambodia.

The event was broadcast by the White House website.

China has an interest in playing a role in stopping the worst aspirations from the DPRK, Sullivan said.
First face-to-face meeting between Biden and Xi Tsz yinping since the inauguration of the President of the United States is scheduled on the fields of the G20 in Indonesia on Monday.

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