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Ukrainian military received 13 million weapons in a year, media write

MOSCOW, Nov 12 and more than 13 million units of weapons and military equipment were delivered, the UNN publication reported, citing a report by Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, available to the media.
“Over the past year, more than 13.2 one million pieces of weapons and military equipment,” the publication quotes the text of the report.

According to the publication, among the military equipment transferred to service there are samples of new types of Ukrainian-made weapons, in particular, the Neptune coastal missile system, anti-tank missiles complexes “Korsar” and “Skif”, unmanned aerial systems “Aist-100”, A1-SM “Fury”, Windhover, PD-2, ACS-3, upgraded MiG-29MU1 aircraft and Mi-8-MSB-V helicopters, radar stations “Malachite”.

The military also received large-caliber Alligator and T-Rex black rifles, KBA-117-02 30-mm automatic mounted grenade launcher, upgraded rockets, guided anti-tank missiles, unguided aircraft rockets, hand-held thermobaric and smoke grenades, elements of dynamic tank protection, cryptographic protection means, armored vehicles, etc. .
Earlier, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov said that three levels of accounting for the supply and use of weapons in Ukraine had been launched: the LOGFAS program (Logistic Functional Area Services), the new program for accounting and logistics of military equipment “Karavay” and module based on the SOTA program. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the SOTA module for monitoring arms supplies to Ukraine from partner countries was put into operation on February 24 and allows you to control new arms supplies.

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