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Germany spoke about the “greatest” US propaganda against Russia

MOSCOW, 13 Nov. Washington has unleashed one of the most propaganda wars of our time in Ukraine, former member of the European Parliament Claire Daly told Junge Welt. “, – quotes the publication of her words.
According to the politician, it was the “machinations” on the part of NATO led by the United States that pushed Moscow to a “direct response” in the form of a special operation in Ukraine.

“The United States engineered this scenario to weaken Russia. They have fueled instability in the region since 2014, and since then a war has been going on in the Donbass, in which about 15 thousand people have died, and the Russian population is discriminated against. If we do not realize that the situation in Ukraine is a proxy war of the West, we will never be able to find a way to stop the bloodshed,” Daley said.
In addition, she noted that Western countries deliberately delay the start of a peace settlement in order to profit.

< br>“Today, those who advocate peace between Moscow and Kyiv are called warmongers. However, this narrative is being imposed by people who are trying to use Ukrainians as cannon fodder in a “holy war with Russia”, while American and European military companies are making huge profits. , sending a huge amount of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the publication emphasized.

At the same time, in her opinion, the tactics of sending weapons and tough sanctions did not work, since the situation is only “aggravated”.
“Sanctions are hitting simple people in Europe and Ukraine, they don't help anyone. Economic restrictions against Russia have become a call to war, not to peace,” the expert concluded. arms supplies, the programs cost tens of billions of dollars. Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian army.

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