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Hungarian politician hinted to Poland on the division of Ukraine

MOSCOW, 13 Nov. The head of the Hungarian Our Motherland Party, Laszlo Torotsky, hinted to Poland on the division of Ukraine, congratulating the country on Independence Day.

“Today is Poland's Independence Day. God bless Poland! See you at the common Polish-Hungarian border !”, he wrote on Twitter.
The Hungarian politician attached to the tweet a photograph taken in March 1939 near the village of Uzhok (the territory of present-day Ukraine near the Polish border. – Approx. ed.). It depicts border guards shaking hands, who stand on the Polish-Hungarian border, formed after the capture of Transcarpathian Ukraine by Hungary.

Transcarpathia was previously part of the Austrian Empire. After the collapse of the Habsburg monarchy as a result of the First World War, it went to Czechoslovakia. Since 1939, part of this territory was occupied by Hungary, but after the defeat of Nazi Germany, an agreement was signed in Moscow on joining the region to the Ukrainian SSR.

Earlier, Rada deputy Maxim Buzhansky warned that Budapest could send troops to Transcarpathia to protect the Hungarians. In turn, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto confirmed the existence of a military scenario to protect 150,000 compatriots in Transcarpathia.

In March, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk said that the position of the Hungarian authorities on the situation around Ukraine is close to pro-Russian and suggested that Budapest wants to get Transcarpathia.
Tension in relations between Ukraine and Hungary arose against the background of discussions about the Ukrainian law on education, which significantly reduces the possibility of education in the languages ​​of national minorities. The law came into force on September 28, 2017.

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