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“I did a lot of strange things”: the new life of the student Tutberidze and Plushenko

Serafima Sakhanovich, two-time vice-world champion in figure skating among juniors Serafima Sakhanovich, is not the first time this season appears at competitions as a coach . At the fourth stage of the junior series of the Russian Grand Prix, she brought the single skater Fedor Malov to the ice. The Sport correspondent learned about how the skater writes a new chapter in her life, asked if she would like to return to the previous chapter, and also talked about an unusual project in which she took part.

– Serafima, Fedor is your first student in your coaching career?

– No, at first I had a group of kids in another school. Then they put me as a jumping coach in a group where Fedya and another girl were just there. I have worked with both of them. And then, together with Fedya, we moved on to Anna Vladimirovna Tsareva. Fedya – to skate, and I – to train.

– Yes, it is. and now you're on the edge. How does it feel?

– It's trite, but I'm more nervous than when I performed myself. This is different. You look at a student and you don't understand what is in a person's head now, whether he is going through, how he is going through, feels the jumps or not.

– You were quite emotional as an athlete. Now you have to fight with this property? suppress it. And then already, in kiss-and-edge or after the rental, she immediately began to cry. So my emotionality does not disappear anywhere, to be honest (laughs). It beats in different directions.

– You have worked with different specialists during your career. Now, as a coach, do you stick to one methodology or did you take a little bit from everyone?

– A little bit. I look at the children what they need. I'm still feeling the ground, so to speak.

– But can we already say that developing as a coach is your main goal now?

– Oh sure. I'm at the rink from six in the morning to six in the evening. I have a junior, middle and senior group, we work with them in the team of Anna Vladimirovna. Therefore, I cannot have another goal now.

– Do you like what you are doing now?

– Very much. I like working with children very much.

– Not. I ended my career with almost no regrets. There was only one thing: I didn’t try and didn’t jump the quadruple salchow at the competitions. I already had some kind of disgust for sports, and, probably, thank God, disgust is better than suffering later that I didn’t finish on time. And only such a crazy thought remained: to go to some show and jump a quad salchow there. Not for the sake of points, places, but just jump it at the box office for everyone to see.

– Are you going out on the ice now?

– Sometimes while the older children roll out, I can jump. Flip, lutz – what is easiest to get. br>

– I can collect. Recently, just with a friend, we agreed that we would go to night mass skating. During the day, of course, I can’t – work. I will restore the rest of the triples, except for the flip and the lutz, which I already have, even now I will go out and jump.

– So maybe you should still think about returning? Never say “never”. something strange in sports that you no longer want. It was nice. Everything, no more.

– There is no feeling that something in your sports career has not been completed?

– No. You see, when you are small and your parents pay for you, this is normal. And when you are already an adult and this happens, it means that you are doing something wrong. You are already 19 years old, and you are still some kind of burden … Nobody has ever imposed this thought on me, never said anything like that in my life, everyone wanted me to skate. But for some reason I felt it.

– Was there some last straw – that's it, it's time to leave, or did this understanding gradually come? Probably… I realized that it was not right.

– The desire to leave could not have arisen because you liked to train, but did not like to perform?
< br>
– It was so. I liked to train. And to perform… You know, I'm the athlete who never had a goal in his life to go to the Olympics, take some place or achieve something like that. I liked the path. Here I go, go, go up… But at some point you start going down. Then up again, then down again. And at some point you realize that you will no longer reach the top. Although you ride the same way, do the same jumps, you won’t get there. And then what is the point of continuing if you don’t rise above your maximum? For this, quadruple jumps were needed, and not just one.

Probably, if I had the opportunity, I would continue to perform. But I didn't have that opportunity. And I decided to start working. I really like. I am very glad that I made such a choice.

“Just learning for now”
– Recently you have participated in a rather unusual project – a show on roller skates .

– Yes, we performed with the performance “The Bremen Town Musicians” in the cities of the Moscow region, and most recently in the center of Moscow performed “Ruslan and Lyudmila” and “Composers for Children” – this is a show that was completely invented by Pyotr Chernyshev.

– How did you get there?

– I was at work, at the OFP, writes Tatyana Rozanova, a choreographer, she helps Petya to put on these shows: “Sima, do you want to skate in the show?” I answer: “Yes, I don’t know how to skate, I don’t have them.” She's like, “It's okay, no one here can do it.”

I tried. On the first day I collected a double flip. Axel did. In the first run on roller skates, I didn’t try to jump triples and didn’t do rotations, I only learned how to do a “cog”. And in the second run, she already tried to jump a triple flip. But I jump it on the ice, wringing my leg to make it easier to turn. You can’t do this on roller skates, because there is a stopper, you immediately fly off it. A couple of times I was so killed (laughs).But Yegor Murashov – he collected everything. I even did a triple axel twisted on roller skates – with a fall. And there are other videos as well. There are quads – these are two rows of two rollers, people perform on them at competitions, triple jumps, and that is rare. And we have ordinary skates, on ordinary figure skating boots. And so Yegor went and collected all the jumps. That's a genius, I think.

– Well, you, too, turns out to be a genius. How long did it take from the first roller skate test to the first show?

– Two weeks. And I also had pair skating, support. It turned out to be harder than jumping.

And when did you train, if you have a job?

Every day I rehearsed the solo role, then taught support. On the tenth day it became unbearable – it does not work. They tell me to do push-ups with my hands, but I can’t, the muscles don’t work. So yes, it was hard.

– Is there a big difference in the technique of skating and roller skating?

– Very different, even though Yegor jumped with our figure skating technique. Jumping approaches are different. You won’t enter the flip from a three, for example, everyone enters from a mohawk. And no one told me this, but somehow I understood it myself, intuitively.

– The famous Italian hotbed Matteo Guarise came to ice figure skating from roller skates. Did you ever think to go in the opposite direction, to compete on roller skates?

– Not. I was offered. A man whose opinion I respect very much offered. I just spoke so emotionally about it, and she says: “You still have a desire to skate, to perform. You don’t have to bury it in yourself.” But I don't want to.

– Maybe you have a desire to skate, but no desire to compete?

– What's the point of skating and not compete?

– At least perform in the show then.

– Most likely, I will not ride in the show anymore. You either work or perform in a show. It is clear that when you have tricks or something like that, in order to earn money, you can combine them. But I have a schedule, as I said, from six in the morning to six in the evening at the rink. How will I ride in the show? But I don't want to leave my children.

– Athletes still set goals for themselves. Do you have it as a coach?

– There is no goal as such. There are steps. We did this now, we will do this tomorrow. Little by little. And by no means do I want to say that I am some kind of brilliant coach or even just a good coach. I'm just learning right now. I grope, I do not understand everything yet. I go to competitions, gaining experience. In sports, I jumped by feeling, and not because I knew how to jump. Therefore, it is necessary to understand everything anew – what, where and how.

– And yet the soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad.

br>- Let's see, we will work. Just as I didn’t set big goals for myself in sports, I don’t set them here either. But, according to the sensations, it seems to be easier in sports.

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