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Media: Berlin police criticized because of the pro-Russian views of the employee

MOSCOW, Nov 12 Berlin police face criticism after , as it became known about the pro-Russian views of one of its employees, who also had access to secret documents, the German newspaper Welt writes.
According to it, we are talking about Michael Bock, who “until recently” police investigating politically motivated crimes. It is noted that in such a position an impeccable reputation is required, since the work is related to confidential intelligence information. access to confidential information. According to the newspaper, Boka is compromised, for example, by the delivery of humanitarian aid from Berlin to Donetsk and Luhansk back in 2015 (according to the newspaper, the policeman not only organized the delivery, but also personally took part in it).

br>In addition, Bock participated in the parade on Red Square on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany and stated that he was then “almost opposite the President (of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin)”. The policeman is also credited with allegedly “maintaining contacts with the ultra-right”.
According to the publication, the Berlin police said that a disciplinary investigation had been launched. “We take this very seriously,” said the head of the metropolitan police, Barbara Slovik.
Kai Wegner of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Germany's largest opposition party, criticized the police. “Unfortunately, this case causes significant damage to the reputation of the Berlin police,” Wegner said. It is noted that Bok himself rejects the accusations against him, and he did not answer the questions of the publication.

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