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In Germany, they were afraid for their sovereignty because of the influence of the United States

MOSCOW, 14 Nov. Germany is at risk of losing its sovereignty due to the purchase of weapons from the United States, columnists for the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche Max Biederbeck-Ketter and Rüdiger Kiani-Kress wrote.
The authors of the article noted that German military companies are extremely concerned about cooperation with Washington in the field of arms supplies.

“As for the sovereignty of Germany, we must be sure that in the next 30-50 years we will not give ourselves completely into the hands of the Americans,” the German expert cited the publication in the defense industry by Martin Krell.

Another industry member, German defense company Diehl BGT Defense spokesman Gerado Valle, added that the Bundestag's actions risk losing “important key technologies” and, therefore, the autonomy and sovereignty of Germany in weapons matters.

According to observers, the main the problem is that German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht decided to return the German troops to combat readiness as soon as possible, relying on “ready and quickly delivered” foreign weapons.

“And this is, first of all, American equipment, which includes the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth bomber and the P8A Poseidon submarine fighter, as well as the new Chinook heavy transport helicopter, both manufactured by Boeing,” the authors of the article added.

Earlier, the Welt newspaper noted that the German army was “naked” due to the depletion of supplies after deliveries to Kyiv. In turn, the Chinese newspaper Huanqiu Shibao wrote that the United States is using the Ukrainian crisis to establish even greater control over Europe.

After the start of the Russian military special operation in Ukraine, Western countries increased sanctions pressure on Moscow, but this provoked a rise in fuel prices and record inflation in Europe itself. Due to the rise in fuel prices, primarily gas, the European industry has largely lost its competitive advantages, which has affected other areas of the economy.
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