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Media: G20 joint statement may touch on “untimely war”

MOSCOW, Nov 14 Indonesia may be affected by the “untimeliness of war” in the broad sense of the word, the Financial Times reported, citing informed sources.
According to the publication, as an alternative, 18 or 19 participating countries may issue a communiqué directly condemning the special military operation ( NWO) Russia in Ukraine.
A joint statement condemning the NWO is unlikely due to China's position and its “strong support for Russia,” sources familiar with the talks on its preparation say. Most likely, such a document will state that now is “not the time for war”, but without specific details.

The countries participating in the summit will also probably agree to include words about the inadmissibility of nuclear escalation in the communiqué.

The G20 summit will be held on the Indonesian island of Bali on November 15-16.

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