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Moldovan Police Refuse to Recognize Shor Party's Protest as a Peaceful Action

CHISINAU, Nov 13 violations during the Sunday protest rally organized by the “Shor” party, so the manifestation cannot be considered peaceful.
Supporters of the “Shor” party on Sunday held another protest rally in the Moldovan capital in front of the presidential administration building. A column of protesters gathered in front of the building of the Constitutional Court, from where a march through the central streets of Chisinau started. During the march, the protesters stopped in front of the buildings of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Parliament, the Presidential Administration, the Ministry of Justice, the Constitutional Court and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office. According to the organizers, about 60 thousand people took part in the action.

“Today's rally was held in the form of a march with the blocking of several streets in the center of the capital, about 3,600 people took part in it. This time, the rally cannot be called peaceful, as a number of violations of the law and provocations against both law enforcement officers and citizens were recorded,” reported in the Telegram channel of the police.

63 people were taken to the stations, 39 of them were minors. In addition, the protesters “made chaos” on the main street of the city, blocking traffic, including ambulances.

“Participants demonstrated acts of disobedience against representatives of law enforcement agencies, and this time the actions were directed specifically by the organizers and interchangeable persons,” the police said.
An indefinite protest action of the Shor party, which the Communist Party has joined, has been taking place in Chisinau since September 18. The protesters are outraged by the unprecedented increase in prices for gas, other energy resources and food, as well as high inflation and falling living standards. The protesters accuse the authorities of failing to cope with the crisis, point to a record inflation over the past 20 years, which in September amounted to 33.97% on an annualized basis. The country's leadership is criticized for its unwillingness to negotiate better gas prices with Russia, as well as for political pressure on opposition representatives. In mid-October, the police and fighters of the special battalions Fulger (“Lightning”) and Scorpion (“Scorpion”) dispersed a peaceful demonstration, dismantled the opposition tent city, which was set up in front of the parliament building. Moldovan Justice Minister Sergei Litvinenko called for the liquidation of the Shor party. He said that he had collected documents to appeal to the Constitutional Court. On Wednesday, the government approved this request at its meeting.
Numerous polls show that about 60% of the country's population doubts the ability of the ruling Action and Solidarity party to stay in power for another three years before the next parliamentary elections. Also, about 70% of Moldovans are disappointed with the policy of the authorities and almost 65% support the idea of ​​changing the government.


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