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Russia fulfills obligations on food supplies, says senator

MOSCOW, Nov 14 Russia fulfills its obligations under the treaties on food supplies, including to the poorest countries, said the first deputy head of the agrarian committee of the Federation Council Alexei Mayorov.
Earlier, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote an article for the Telegraph newspaper in which he accused Russia of “turning food into a weapon.”
Sunak also spoke in support of the position of the UN Secretary General on the need to ensure the continuation of grain supplies via the Black Sea. The politician urged all countries that can produce more food or free up stocks to do just that to help increase supplies.

“Russia clearly fulfills its obligations on food supplies under the agreements,” Mayorov said.
He also recalled that our country has repeatedly spoken about the need to provide assistance to the poorest countries.

The senator described Sunak's statement regarding the Russian Federation as “incompetence”.
“They are trying to shift their problems onto us” – said the parliamentarian, adding that the UK has its own difficulties in the food market.

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