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No one was injured in the explosions in Istanbul, media reported

ANKARA, Nov 16 Fire victims after explosions in Istanbul's tourist district of Fatih, no, cars and a nearby ATM were engulfed in flames, according to local media.
The cause of the explosions is still unclear. Most of the main historical and cultural attractions of the city are concentrated in the Fatih district, in particular Sultanahmet Square and a number of famous mosques.

“When the driver of a car driving down the street noticed that smoke was rising from his car, he stopped on the side of the road and asked for help from others. The flames completely engulfed the car and spread to four cars parked on the side of the road. The flames also damaged a building and an ATM near the scene. There were no casualties,” Yenicag writes.

After Many fire brigades went to the area to signal an emergency and “brought the fire under control and extinguished it.”
“Police teams also examined the scene. Vehicles that had become unusable as a result of the fire were taken away with the help of a tow truck. During the fire , caught on the cameras of mobile phones [of passers-by], the sounds of explosions were heard,” the publication clarified.

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