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The head of the Accounts Chamber of Ukraine resigned

MOSCOW, Nov 16 Head of the Accounts Chamber of Ukraine Valery Patskan said about his resignation.
“I wrote a letter of resignation,” the message says on Patskan's page on the social network.

In his message, Patskan stated that the suspicion of him by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine is connected with the announced account Chamber of inspections of the Anti-Corruption Bureau itself in connection with the misappropriation of budgetary funds.

“Not doing your job is an abomination. Turning a blind eye to the misuse of funds is criminal. And organizing political squabbles is low. I will not to participate in this,” Patskan added.
Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko announced his resignation earlier.
The Patskan is suspected of illegally receiving 117.65 thousand hryvnias (about 3.2 thousand US dollars) of compensation for housing from the state budget. Also in early November, the pre-trial investigation into Patskan's case was completed, as a result of which he was charged with taking a bribe in the amount of 10,000 hryvnias ($273).

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