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The Minister of Education spoke about a new history course for ninth graders, which will include the war in Ukraine

Education Minister Serhiy Kravtsov spoke about a new history course for ninth-graders, which will include military events and information about the Ukrainian regions annexed to Russia. The statements of the head of the department are quoted by Interfax.

As Kravtsov specified, the latest events will be included in the course of the school curriculum called “Introduction to Recent History.” As part of this subject, students are told about the world and Russian history of the XX-XI centuries. ” alt=”1″ />Article“Teach children to be proud of war “. Russian schools threaten with expulsion for refusing to attend “Conversations about the Important”

“Yes, experts correctly say that history as a science cannot assess the current period, scientists need a long time distance. Nobody argues with this. But our children do not live in a hundred years, but today and now, and the school should give them answers to pressing questions, provide verified, reliable information about what they see with their own eyes, discuss with each other at breaks, in the yards, ” Kravtsov noted.

The Minister of Education also called the approach to teaching history “Eurocentric” and called for “correcting this long-standing imbalance.” According to Kravtsov, Russia should be the “bearing core” in the historical program for schoolchildren.

Since this school year, every Monday, students sing the anthem and raise the flag, the first lesson on this day is “Talk about the important” – a class hour, during which schoolchildren, among other things, are told about the war and Ukraine. In October, it became known that the Ministry of Education proposed to include “knowledge about NVO” and training in shooting from a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the school curriculum.

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