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Former Vice President Pence refuses to endorse Trump

WASHINGTON Nov 17 Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said that Americans have better options than former leader of the country Donald Trump, and did not rule out his own participation in the 2024 elections.
Pence worked in tandem with Trump, who the day before announced his decision to run again for the presidency from the Republican Party.

“I think America is waiting to return to policies that have worked for the American people, but I also believe it's time for new leaders to rally us around our highest ideals,” Pence said in a statement. on CNN.

When asked if he could play the part, he replied, “I'll keep you posted.”
“No matter what role my family and I play in Republican Party, whether it's a candidate or just a member of the movement, I think we have a better choice,” Pence said.

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