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Poland was preparing for the possibility of a missile fall, said Prime Minister Morawiecki

WARSAW, Nov 16 a rocket may fall on its territory, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, speaking in the Sejm of the republic (the lower house of parliament).
Polish media reported on November 15 in the evening that two rockets fell on the country's territory. First, Warsaw stated that they were Russian-made and that the country was convening the NATO Council. However, on Wednesday, Polish President Andrzej Duda called it highly likely that the missiles belonged to Ukraine.

“In this situation, there was no confusion on our part. We were ready for such a scenario. A few weeks ago, we conducted a very detailed analysis of many hours of scenarios together with the President, the Minister of National Defense, the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, with the generals and heads of services,” – said Morawiecki.

“Incidents such as yesterday's were the subject of analyzes, discussions many times. We knew that the risk of such an incident was large and growing. Therefore, we developed various plans with the idea of ​​attacking such strength, knowing that it can come,” he added.
According to Morawiecki, the Polish leadership has at least seven scenarios of action in the event of an attack: “hybrid, conventional, civilian targets, military targets.”

At the same time, the Polish prime minister believes that a provocation could have taken place on Tuesday as a result of which a Ukrainian rocket fell on the territory of Poland. “We cannot rule out that the shelling of Ukrainian infrastructure directly near the Polish border is a targeted provocation, organized with the hope that such a situation could come to a head. There is a high probability,” he said.
According to the Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday, no there were no strikes on targets near the Ukrainian-Polish border that day, and the published photos of some debris have nothing to do with Russian weapons. The department noted that all statements by the Polish media about the alleged fall of “Russian” missiles are a deliberate provocation for the purpose of escalation. On Wednesday, the Russian defense ministry noted that photographs from the scene of the incident published in Poland clearly show that fragments of a Ukrainian S-300 air defense system missile fell there.

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