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Biden demoted in US Congress because of Zelensky

MOSCOW, 17 Nov. U.S. Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green “demoted” US President Joe Biden because of his desire to allocate a new tranche of financial assistance to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky.

"Biden wants more money – 37 .7 billion dollars for Ukraine. <…> Biden <…> doing a great job as vice president under Zelensky,” she wrote on Twitter.

After the start of the Russian special operation to liberate Donbass, the US and the EU allocated billions of dollars to arm the Armed Forces of Ukraine and maintain the financial stability of Kyiv .

Earlier, Russia sent a note to NATO countries because of military supplies to Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that any cargo that contains weapons for Kyiv will become a legitimate target for Moscow. The Foreign Ministry stressed that the NATO countries are “playing with fire” by supplying weapons to Ukraine. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov pointed out that pumping Kyiv with weapons from the West does not contribute to the success of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations and will have a negative effect.

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