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Erdogan refused the forum in order not to listen to reproaches from the United States, media write

MOSCOW, Nov 18 Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan was supposed to receive participation in the international security forum in Halifax, Canada, but refused, according to Politico, citing US senators. Shahin, who heads the congressional delegation at the conference.
According to Politico, Turkey, refusing to participate in the event, referred to “the need to preserve the Ukrainian grain deal.” However, according to Senator Jim Risch, Erdogan probably did not want to be reprimanded by US lawmakers for “delaying” Sweden and Finland's entry into NATO.

Finland and Sweden against the backdrop of a Russian special military operation in Ukraine, on May 18, applications for membership in the alliance were submitted to the NATO Secretary General. To date, only two countries out of 30 have not ratified the applications of Sweden and Finland to NATO – these are Hungary and Turkey.

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