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Jony and Anna Asti recorded a joint track

MOSCOW, 18 Nov. Jony and Anna Asti (Anna Dzyuba) recorded a joint song “How to understand your love?”. The musician told about this to subscribers in his social network.

“So the long-awaited release has come out! My first joint track with a girl. With a man who has such a piercing and soul-piercing voice!” – wrote the singer.

Netizens reacted ambiguously to the song. Some criticized her.

“Asti screams too much, tries to outshout Jony”, “Will the songs come out normal for sober people?”, “It's like I'm listening to Pugachev and Kirkorov”, “Anna, these singers in a duet with you fade. And spoil the song!” listeners were outraged.
Others supported the performers.

“Goosebumps!”, “You are the best!”, “Strong voices and talented people!”, “Powerful track!” admired the fans of the artists.
Earlier, Anna Asti released the song “Night in the kitchen”. According to her, the composition will not allow listeners to be left alone.

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