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Real Madrid legend and Northern Irish alcoholic. Stars who did not know the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup will start soon in Qatar. The last time 32 participants will come to the tournament, as 48 teams will get to the next one. This fact will probably help not the strongest teams to get the coveted ticket. For example, the Norwegian “mutant” Erling Haaland will try to show himself not only at the club level. Not all stellar and talented football players in history have had such a chance. For different reasons. Sports remember the brightest players who failed to play at the World Cup.

Eduard Streltsov, USSR national team

Rush won everything at club level in 80s and scored over 200 goals for Liverpool in different competitions. Giggs began his career in football a little later at Manchester United, but has achieved comparable success, becoming a legend of the club. Hughes is another Manchester United star. However, he managed to play for Barcelona, ​​and for Bayern, and for Chelsea.Had these three been born not in Wales, but in England, a great international career could await them. They did not succeed in getting their national team to the World Championship.

In 1994, the team fought against Romania, Belgium and Czechoslovakia until the last round. However, goals from Romanians Gheorghe Hadji and Florin Raducoiu kept the Welsh out of the US.

In 1998, Wales was in the qualifying “group of death” to the Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium. Later, Giggs was left without the support of Rush and Hughes, who ended their careers. The next Welsh star, Gareth Bale, was a little more fortunate. After all, qualifying for the World Cup with 32 teams is a little easier than for a tournament with 24 participants.

Abedi Ayew (Pele), Team Ghana

George Weah , Liberia national team
The pearls of African football sparkled brightly in the championships of France and Italy, achieving incredible achievements. Aya for dribbling and understanding the game was compared to Pele himself. And they also called the king of football – only not world, but African.He won the Champions League with Marseille, was named the best player on the continent three times, but for 16 years in the Ghana national team he could not break into the World Cup. There are several reasons. In the African selection for a long time, only two trips were played. Apart from Pele, Ghana had practically no great football players.

Weah was the first African to win the Ballon d'Or in 1995. His goals for Milan are remembered decades later. But even he could not achieve at least access to the World Cup with a modest team of Liberia.

In 1993, his team was suspended against the backdrop of political events in the country. In 2002, she was only one point short of winning the group.

Jari Litmanen, Team Finland

It almost happened in the selection for the World Cup – 1998. Getting into the joints was prevented by an own goal in the 91st minute in the match with the Hungarians. There was no other chance for Litmanen.

George Best, Northern Ireland national team

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