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The head of Mordovia announced the need to modernize housing and communal services

NIZHGOROD, Nov 17 Head of Mordovia Artem Zdunov during In his message to the state assembly of the republic, he announced the need to modernize the communal infrastructure, the press service of the head of the republic reports. treatment facilities in Saransk, the implementation of which will take several years and significant costs. In 2023-2024, it is necessary to develop design and estimate documentation, and in 2024 to start work,” Zdunov said in the message.

He noted that the republic, together with VEB.RF and Rosvodokanal, is part of a large project to modernize the housing and communal infrastructure of Saransk.

“The implementation of the Pure Water federal project is of great importance. Next year it is planned to complete the construction of a water treatment plant in Ardatov, as well as the reconstruction of water intake and water supply networks in Kovylkino. This will increase the level of provision of residents of the republic with high-quality drinking water,” Zdunov emphasized.
The head of Mordovia drew attention to the problems with the Ruzaevsky water canal, where frequent accidents occur, which are untimely eliminated, and ordered to address this problem.

Zdunov also instructed the chairman of the government of Mordovia to take the issue of tariffs for housing and communal services under personal control, noting that the republic has accumulated a huge debt to housing and communal services. Also, according to him, much remains to be done in the field of waste management. On the territory of Mordovia, it is planned to create capacities for waste treatment, the production of alternative fuels from high-calorie fractions of municipal solid waste for the cement industry of the region and lines for composting organic waste, and the placement of new MSW facilities. “The total capacity of the facilities being created will be over 240,000 tons per year, which is 100% of all garbage collected in the republic. The total amount of funds is set at more than 4 billion rubles,” Zdunov stressed.
He also said that under the national project ” Safe High-Quality Roads” in 2022, 223 kilometers of regional and local roads were brought to the normative state. In 2023, it is necessary to complete the construction of the Ruzaevka bypass, continue the construction and repair of almost 300 kilometers of roads, of which over 15 kilometers are in the Saransk urban agglomeration. The head of Mordovia noted that there are many complaints from motorists about the state of the Saransk-Ulyanovsk road, and set the task of bringing the road to a standard state.

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