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In the United States, they told how far the Americans are ready to go in “support” of Ukraine

MOSCOW, 19 Nov. Americans may not approve of the direct involvement of the US military in the conflict in Ukraine, wrote Tara Sonenshine in an article for The Hill newspaper.

“As we saw in Afghanistan and Iraq, Americans were constantly disappointed in direct military intervention in foreign conflicts. Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed concern about being drawn into regional crises,” the observer said. it would be difficult for the legislators themselves to come to a centralized decision on this issue due to the precarious balance of power in Congress and the upcoming holidays. to send troops to participate in the conflict – they would prefer the supply of weapons.

Russia has been conducting a military special operation in Ukraine since February 24. Vladimir Putin called its task “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years.” According to the president, the ultimate goal of the operation is the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee the security of Russia itself.

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