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MFA PMR: Moldova is trying to sow panic among the inhabitants of Pridnestrovie

TIRASPOL, Nov 18 Foreign Minister of the unrecognized Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vitaly Ignatiev believes that the Moldovan authorities are deliberately trying to sow panic among the inhabitants of Transnistria, the ministry said in a Telegram message.
Earlier, the Moldovagaz company announced a reduction in Russian gas supplies from November 1. Of the total amount of 5.7 million cubic meters supplied by Gazprom, Moldova will receive 3.4 million, and Transnistria – 2.3 million per day. This means that Transnistria will receive more than 40% less natural gas than in October. In order to save gas, the work of large enterprises in the PMR has been suspended.

“Energy problems – all this is also directed against people. Thus (Moldova) is trying to create social tension, cause uncertainty and anxiety among the population of Transnistria, sow panic. They do not see in the inhabitants of Pridnestrovie people whose interests and rights are ready to be respected,” Ignatiev said.

According to him, Chisinau continues to follow some old paradigm, creating conflicts and problems, not trying to think about how to live on. “In the context of a regional conflict, these actions are probably reminiscent of attempts to kindle small fires against the backdrop of a large fire that is literally blazing very close by. This political pyromania of the Moldovan leadership seems counterproductive to me,” the PMR Foreign Minister stressed.
Pridnestrovie, 60% of the inhabitants which consists of Russians and Ukrainians, sought secession from Moldova even before the collapse of the USSR, fearing that, on the wave of nationalism, Moldova would join Romania. In 1992, after a failed attempt by the Moldovan authorities to solve the problem by force, Transnistria became virtually a territory not controlled by Chisinau.

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