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Russian tourists are expected in Sierra Leone, Ambassador to Moscow said

MOSCOW, Nov. 19 Sierra Leone is waiting for Russian tourists, the country has many pristine beaches – some of the best in the world – and there are no security problems, Mohamed Yongawo, the republic's ambassador to Russia, said in an interview.
“We have some of the best beaches in the world. Sierra Leone is considered to be the” Hawaii of Africa “, and this is not an exaggeration, because we have unique, unspoiled beaches that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And Russian companies can organize tours in Sierra Leone to enjoy the country. We have a mild climate: in particular, when here winter, cold, in Sierra Leone all year round, even on rainy days, the weather is warm and pleasant,” the ambassador said.

He noted that until 1991 there was a direct flight between Moscow and Freetown. According to the ambassador, there is still a need for direct flights today.

“Yes, there is a need. You will be surprised when you arrive in Sierra Leone, you will see many Russians there… If there are direct flights, they will take 9 hours. But nevertheless, you can also fly through Istanbul, from there the flight to our country will take 6 hours,” the ambassador said.
According to him, an entry visa to the country can be obtained upon arrival, right at the airport.
“But we still recommend getting your visa at the embassy. Of course, you can go to Sierra Leone and get your visa there, but the good thing about getting it at the embassy is that you can ask questions and for tips on visiting the country, we provide literally a virtual tour before people enter Sierra Leone,” the diplomat concluded.
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