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Gleb Kalyuzhny – about the premiere of the series “Black Spring”, Stoyanov and “Pesnyary”

MOSCOW, November 14, Anna Nekhaeva. “Black Spring” is about the life of modern teenagers, but in the aesthetics of the 19th century. The main characters of the series found old pistols and decided to defend the honor of the beloved of their leader Mel (Gleb Kalyuzhny). And then they created a dueling club. Artem Koshman, Valentin Antsiferov, Anastasia Krasovskaya, Nikolai Fomenko, Anatoly Bely, Artem Tkachenko starred in a dynamic and vibrant story.
For the premiere of the project, Gleb Kalyuzhny spoke in an interview about what it is like to play teenagers, about the most adventurous act for the sake of a girl, why Yuri Stoyanov is his idol and how Pink Floyd borrowed music from Pesnyary.
— The project is unusual story, action and visuals. And what attracted you to it in the first place?

— The fact that it is about unrequited love. Another reason is the image of my melancholic hero. I was also quite asocial person. At the same time, Mel is still a leader by nature. I love this guy's story.

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— The series glorifies the aesthetics of defending honor in the 19th century . At that time, there was a different attitude towards people. Is it close to you?

— This aesthetic is close to me. Recently, judging by what is happening in the world, words, like promises, have begun to depreciate. And “Black Spring” is just a story about honor, a reminder that everything is decided by dialogue.

— You said you were on the set of “Middle Band Vampires” Yuri Stoyanov taught you. And who is on the “Black Spring”?
– Many colleagues. Artem Tkachenko gave great advice. We spent so much time together on the set!

And Yuri Stoyanov, it seems to me, is somewhat underestimated artist: he is capable of more than comedy. He is an actor with a huge range.
Unfortunately, it was not possible to just talk with him for half an hour or an hour, only between jobs or takes.

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— A person who works with text writes books , scenarios, is able to influence the word to become more significant?

— Any creativity is a special language. An emotion reaches the viewer who watches, listens, reads. The question is – which one? Does it stay with him, and can he identify with the character? It is important for me that the project has a moral so that it does not become mediocre. That being said, it can be light. -width=”600″ data-crop-height=”399″ data-source-sid=”rian_photo” title=”Actor Artem Koshman (center) and actor Actor Gleb Kalyuzhny” class=”lazyload” width=”1920″ height=”1277″ decoding=”async” />

– Mel, because of his love for Angela, loses his head and is ready for literally anything. And what is the most adventurous thing you have done for someone?
— For me, 2021 is a crazy year of filming, almost without days off, non-stop. Then, due to the pandemic, some projects were shifted or postponed. I was in the stage of burnout or burnout.

I met a girl online who I really liked, and it was mutual. We promised each other that, bypassing the lockdowns, we would definitely meet. They kept in touch and corresponded.

And so On February 13, she flies from Los Angeles to Moscow for the birthday of our mutual friend. And I just returned from the filming of “Black Spring”. We met at the celebration, for the first time in person. Chemistry, magic, love.
The next day she was leaving for Karelia, and I spontaneously bought a ticket there. But he confused the Moscow station with Ladoga. There were no other trains, and in the end I called a taxi – straight to Karelia.

I generally can't sit still for a long time just like that. But this act is the most thoughtless for me: I was ready to run, fly, spend as much money as I wanted to get to a person and give the emotions that she needed. And she periodically writes to me that she often recalls this moment.

— How did you get into the image of Mel?
– References for him were given to me by Seryozha and Lyuba (directors Lyubov Lvova and Sergey Taramaev. – Ed.), when they said: “Gleb, it seems to us that Mel is you, you can handle this role.” I was very flattered. We selected paints already in the process, and advice was given by colleagues on the site. =”0.666666666666667″ data-crop-width=”600″ data-crop-height=”400″ data-source-sid=”” title=”Black Spring Filming” class=”lazyload” lazy=”1″ />

– You often got the role of teenagers. How do you feel about this role?

— I still get asked for a passport if I buy alcohol. Probably still mistaken for a schoolboy.
I would like to get out of the image of a romantic teenager or a difficult teenager. I can't say that it bothers me, but I want to grow.

— You Haven't you noticed that now there are a lot of projects about the past, remakes?

— Now, it seems to me, there are a lot of young directors who borrow techniques from the classics. I think that's how they compliment their idols.
— Speaking of retro. You played a young Vladimir Mulyavin in the series “Half an hour before spring”, about “Pesnyary”.
– I was only indirectly familiar with their work: my parents, grandparents listened to their songs.
I did not know Mulyavin as a person, I did not watch the interview. Only after being approved for the role did he begin to plunge into this universe. And I just fell in love. “600” data-crop-height=”338″ data-source-sid=”” title=”Still from Half an hour before spring” class=”lazyload” lazy=”1″ />

It is clear that “Pesnyary” was inspired by Western colleagues, this is shown at the beginning of the series. But it seems to me that Pink Floyd could borrow one of my favorite songs from “Pesnyary”. Some moves or something like that – I'm already talking as a musician.

I love their songs. I can't identify myself with Mulyavin, I'm not a person of that magnitude, but their musical magic is very close to me.

— You played a real person. What was it like?
We will see this on the screen with the audience. The nicest compliment was given to me when we were filming one of the final scenes in the Grand Kremlin Palace in Minsk. One of the “pesnyars” came to us. He burst into tears when he saw the scene with me. He says: “As if Mulya is with us.”

— How do you share the professions of a musician and an actor?
— I do not. If you want something, you will do everything to the maximum.

– Why do you think rap is so popular now?
– Everything changes, everything cyclically. I know what genre will be popular next. Boom bap is a subgenre of hip hop.

< br />— Do you have any idols? Who would you like to be like in terms of acting?
— I'm interested in the biographies of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Daniel Day-Lewis. And Zach Galifianakis is a comedy genius. It is very interesting to watch how Charlie Chaplin played, because he is the idol of Yuri Stoyanov, who is my idol.
The series “Black Spring” will be released on Start November 16. /span>

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