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“Kyiv outbid the price of Spartak twice”: Irismetov is frank about Russia

Irismetov at the age of 24 moved from “Dustlik” to Moscow “Spartak” in the rank of the best striker of Uzbekistan. Having shot 45 goals during the season, Jafar showed himself perfectly in the Commonwealth Cup, but could not gain a foothold in the camp of the “red-whites”. However, he continues to follow the progress of Spartak. On the eve of the friendly match between the national teams of Uzbekistan and Russia, the Sport correspondent spoke with Irismetov in Tashkent. Jafar spoke about his desire to train with Abaskal, the failed transfer of Zabolotny to Pakhtakor and the amazing Gerard Mukunku.

“I would like to start a coaching career in the future”
— What are you doing now?

— After leaving the post of sports director of Pakhtakor, I’m resting at home for the time being. I have already agreed with a new team – “Neftchi” from Fergana, but I haven't signed a contract yet. They have serious goals and objectives, I agreed to cooperate.

– Do you follow the RPL and Spartak?

— Yes, without it it is impossible (smiles). I follow Erkinov from Torpedo, Yuldoshev from Nizhny Novgorod. It is always interesting what happens in Spartak. Now Abascal works well there. The team is progressing, but the difference with Zenit is telling.

— They say that this Spartak is somewhat similar to Romantsev's Spartak.

– Under Romantsev, football was a little different. The current team focuses more on pressing, there is no total ball control, there are no branded runs. Of the coaches in recent years, I remember Tedesco the most, with him Spartak also played well. But Abascal suits the team more. He has a very good rapport with the team. The team plays for the coach. I think Spartak guessed right with him. If he is given time and opportunities, then in a year or two he can make a strong team. I really wanted to get an internship with him after I left Pakhtakor, but it didn’t work out.

— When was it?
< “Just two months ago. Vadim Borovsky works at Spartak, we met at Alma-Ata. I talked to him about the internship, but it didn’t work out.
— Why?

— They said that it’s hard to get to Abaskal’s training, you have to ask permission through someone. I didn't bother. Now I have a new job, but if there is time and opportunity in the future, I will go with pleasure. I have been a sports director for five years and would like to start a coaching career. Apparently, it will have to be postponed a bit (laughs).

– What does “Spartak” need to return to the first places? Zenith has Malcolm, Claudinho and others. In Spartak, only Promes can be singled out, he makes the game.

— Will Spartak be able to catch up with Zenit this season?

— Anything is possible, but if “Zenith” wants, he can add and calmly bring the matter to an end. They can only lose to themselves.

– What do you think about Fedun leaving the club?

— The man invested his money in the club, such people are very necessary for the sport. For Spartak, he did a lot, despite one championship. But there are questions about the selection, there has always been some kind of leapfrog with the players. For example, Nicholson seems to be doing well, but this is still not the level, the team needs a stronger forward. I understand that it's hard to find a good legionnaire now. Of those who liked, I will note Kral – such legionnaires strengthen the team. Unfortunately, he does not want to return to Russia.

“If Urunov got into CSKA, then his game would go”
— Your compatriot Oston Urunov played for Spartak for some time. Why didn't he succeed?

– I think it's because of the style of the game. If he got into CSKA, then he would have a game. Any football player wants to play in Spartak, but sometimes you need to pause. He could play more in Ufa, get stronger. Then go to “Spartak” in the status of the main player.

– Did the money kill him?

– I don't think the money did. Yes, I saw his photos in Louis Vuitton, but, probably, it's still in the style of Spartak.

—Urunov recently terminated his contract with Ural. They write that he can return to Uzbekistan. Will it do him any good?- In the “Ural” Oston had a conflict with the coach. Perhaps he quarreled due to a lack of game practice. Urunov's character is difficult, because of this it is also difficult for him. I do not think that he will return to Uzbekistan. Most likely, he will continue his career in other Asian countries.

– Is he considered a star in Uzbekistan?

– I can't say. He is a good footballer, but his reputation is suffering.

— What can you say about Shomurodov, Erkinov and Yuldoshev, who played in the RPL?

Shomurodov is a superstar! Everyone writes about Eldor. He is now the most talked about player in the country, despite the fact that he does not play for Roma. As for Erkinov and Yuldoshev, both are very promising.

— Can they follow the example of Shomurodov and leave for Europe?

>— It will be hard. But Russia is still Europe.

– Karpin greatly helped Shomurodov grow up. How do they treat Valery Georgievich in Uzbekistan?

— Of course, they know Karpin, but no one says that this is his merit.

– They also wrote that Spartak is interested in Yuldoshev.

– These are all rumors, but he could play there. He has good physical data, a good pass – a very talented guy.

“In Uzbekistan, of the Russian football players, Kokorin and Mamaev are the most known”
— Who from the championship of Uzbekistan could Would you like to play in the RPL?

– Five or six people could definitely play in non-top teams: among them Shukurov, Nasrullaev, Khamrobekov.

– Who is the most known in Uzbekistan from Russian football players?

– They know these two who were in prison (laughs). Kokorin and Mamaev? Yes, the whole world knows them (laughs). They also know Sobolev, Smolov, Golovin, Miranchuk. By the way, when I worked at Pakhtakor, we could sign Anton Zabolotny, also a good and well-known player.

— How was it?
< br>
– He then still played for Sochi, and we were looking for a textured striker. We looked at the statistics through Instat, we liked Anton. A little later, we went to his entourage, but we were told that Zabolotny would not go to Uzbekistan, although we gave a decent amount.

“Russia's transition to the Asian confederation will be a step back”
< strong>Is the friendly match between Uzbekistan and Russia a holiday for the people?

– Each match is a holiday, but there were no people with Kazakhstan. I told reporters that there would be a full stadium, but I did not guess. There is no excitement around the match with Russia – they would call me and ask me to get tickets. We are very interested to play with your team.

— How did FIFA and UEFA react to the decision regarding Russia?

— Sport should be out of politics . I am not a supporter of sanctions, this is wrong. Many people don't want to play with Russia now because of politics.

—There are rumors about a possible transfer of the RFU to the Asian Football Confederation. What do you think about it?

– This will be a step back for Russia. But if there is absolutely nowhere to play, then, of course, you have to move.

— If this happens, will Russia be the favorite in Asia?

– I'm afraid that the level of the Russian national team may fall after leaving Europe. I will not say that the team will be a clear leader in Asia: there is a strong Japan, it is not inferior to Russia. There is also Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the Uzbeks are also not a gift (laughs).

“After the first training, Romantsev called me up and asked:” Where are you from? and Monakhov from that “Spartak”. I also keep in touch with Budun Budunov.

Mzhavanadze called me, but there's a lot of work, and it's hard to leave now, no one remembers me at the club anymore, I'm not a Spartak legend, I was just there (smiling).

— When did you last communicate with Romantsev?

— When he left Spartak. After that, there was no conversation. I then wanted to leave the team. He sent me to Shikunov. He said that he would decide everything.

— There is a story that Romantsev did not know you when you moved to Spartak. Is this true?

– It was so. After the first team practice, where I performed well, he called me over and asked: “Where are you from?” It was strange for me. Then Oleg Ivanovich said that I would go far, but something didn’t work out (laughs).

— There is also a legend that when Spartak looked through Irismetov, the defense in the championship of Uzbekistan parted in front of him?

— No, it wasn't like that. Who will let you score so easily? Maybe they say that because I scored 45 goals. I did not know then that I would be in Spartak. “Saturn” was also interested in me, I was on screening with Pavlov, but instead of me they eventually took Buznikin. Dynamo”.

— Yes, it was after the Commonwealth Cup, they gave twice as much.

— Why didn't you agree to go there?

– Our club president has already agreed with Shikunov. Money then did not play a role.

— How was your adaptation in Moscow?

– At first it was hard, but Vasya Baranov and Vitya Bulatov helped me. The rest – trained and went about their business.

– When was the last time you talked with Baranov?

– For a long time, he disappeared somewhere , went to his place in Belarus. But I spoke with Lisitsyn yesterday.

— It was at that time that Spartak began to import dubious legionnaires. Who surprised you the most?

— Mukunku. I really don't understand how he ended up on the team. He also told us that he had five children, and he was then 20 years old. When he did, I don't know. Maybe in Africa they get married at the age of 10 (laughs). Tsikhmeystruk and Granovsky were also rather weak. To be honest, not at the level of Spartak.

“I do not regret that I moved to Spartak”
— For this short period in Spartak, you managed to play in the Champions League.

— Yes, it's even strange that they gave me such an opportunity – I played very little in the championship.It was very difficult in the Champions League, experience is needed there.< br>

— How did you feel when you found out that you would take the field against Bayern?

— I came to the installation relaxed, and when they called my last name, I got goosebumps all over my body . Thanks to Romantsev for giving me a chance then. After the match, there were many calls from Uzbekistan. In my opinion, even Kafelnikov later noted me in a short interview. so far! Just yesterday I was reminded. If I scored, they would definitely remember to death.

— What do you remember about that “Spartak”?

— This is a club where dream of getting in. I remember Moscow, the Spartak style, the championship. I then played with the stars: Titov, Bulatov, Parfyonov and many others.

— Do you regret moving to Spartak? – Absolutely not. If I had moved to Dynamo Kiev, I don’t know how everything would have turned out. Glad to have played in such a great club. To get into that Spartak is worth a lot.

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