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“Plans in another country”: the son of Natasha Koroleva will leave Russia

MOSCOW, 21 Nov. The son of the singer Natasha Koroleva Arkhip Glushko announced plans to leave Russia. He admitted that he wants to continue his studies abroad after graduation next year.

"Then I will go to the magistracy. But in another country,” the young man said in an interview with the program “You won’t believe it!”.

However, he has not yet decided where he will go. He will probably go to Japan, as he has been studying Japanese for many years.

“He is studying Japanese. He has been learning it for a long time and has been teaching. He is already making money on this,” the Queen said.
In addition, the star heir added that he was going abroad not only to study, but also to work.

"I will study and work. I have concerts, but I still sing,” Glushko shared.

Earlier, the Queen denied rumors of immigrating to the United States. She also criticized journalists for publishing false information.

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