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Qatar dreams with everyone: the World Cup kicked off with a bright ceremony

Football World Cup opened in Doha with a bright ceremony. The organizers demonstrated their commitment to humanitarian values ​​and focused on the unity of people. Sport is about the beginning of a football holiday.

The teams of Qatar and Ecuador meet in the opening match of the tournament, which takes place at the stadium “El Bayt”. The flamboyant and expensive ceremony began an hour and twenty minutes before the starting whistle. What was the cost of only the host of the event – the most popular American actor Morgan Freeman.

The first half of the ceremony was entirely devoted to the history of Qatar and its connection with the whole world. The symbol of this unity was an improvised bridge, a link between peoples and cultures. In a bright manner, the organizers wove into the narrative the symbols inherent in the country – camels, Bedouins, the struggle of sand with water. They also showed the world the national clothes of the Qataris – a black abaya for women and a white dishdash for men. A kind of defile was accompanied by a show of drummers performing national songs.

The second part showed Qatar's connection with football and its history. First, the audience saw a parade of mascots from previous world championships, among which there was a place for Zabivaka. Everyone remembers the symbol of the World Cup 2018 in Russia. and motifs of the anthems of past tournaments, the life-size puppets performed an incendiary dance. It ended with the epic appearance of Laib, the symbol of the upcoming world championship. The huge figure, already loved by millions of fans, was accompanied by a parade of national team shirts. All this happened against the backdrop of the song Dreamers (“Dreamers”), which was performed by the frontman of the Korean pop group BTS.

The ceremony ended very symbolically. On the screens there was an archival video of how the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, played football. During the show, the head of the country was given his rare T-shirt, on which he left an autograph. After that, the emir made a short speech and opened the next world championship.

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