GENERICO.ruRussiaThe number of known dead Russian soldiers exceeded 9,000, 259 of them were mobilized

The number of known dead Russian soldiers exceeded 9,000, 259 of them were mobilized

By November 18, Mediazona, the BBC Russian Service and a team of volunteers managed to confirm by name the death of 9,001 Russian servicemen who participated in the war with Ukraine. At least 259 of them are mobilized.

This is only about publicly confirmed losses; the actual death toll is much higher. In addition, it is not known how many people are missing or seriously injured.

Over the past two weeks, 707 people have been included in the list – this is the most significant increase since the beginning of the war. This does not mean that they all died recently: sometimes weeks or even months pass from death at the front to public announcement.

B 259the reports explicitly stated that the deceased had been mobilized. For two weeks, the number of dead mobilized has more than doubled – by the last report on November 4, it was known about the death of 115 people.

In 71 cases, the place of death of the mobilized is indicated – most often (20 cases) it is Kherson, Kherson region or Kherson direction. Judging by the indicated dates of death, these people died during October – before the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson.

At least six dead mobilized near Svatovo in the Lugansk region are known. Relatives of the men called up for war told about heavy battles and heavy losses in this direction – they recorded video messages and demanded that their relatives be withdrawn from the front, as they were thrown under artillery shelling without support and proper training. According to the soldiers who participated in this battle, the losses here are in the tens and hundreds – probably, they will be confirmed later.

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Another area where heavy fighting took place is the village of Pavlovka in the Donetsk region, which recently came under the control of the self-proclaimed DNR. In early November, those who participated in the assault on Pavlovka from the 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet recorded a video message and talked about losses during the assault on the village, which numbered in the hundreds.

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On November 18, it was possible to confirm by name the four dead near Pavlovka. Two were mobilized in the 155th brigade, another served in the 14th separate special-purpose brigade, the place of service of another deceased is unknown.

In addition, at least 1,400 officers have died since the beginning of the war. 165 of them held the rank of lieutenant colonel and above.

Among the dead is 61-year-old helicopter pilot Vyacheslav Zangiev, who retired at first, but then returned to serve in the Wagner PMC. The exact date of his death is unknown, it was reported on November 2.

This is at least the third retired pilot who joined the PMC and died in the war – before that there were Major General Kanamat Botashev (63 years old) and Colonel of the Belarusian Army Nikolai Markov (67 years old).

Another deceased colonel, 49-year-old German Kryuchkov, had nothing to do with the army and had worked for the last 14 years in the Federal Customs Service. What he could have done in Ukraine is unknown, no details are given in his obituary.

For more information about which troops suffer losses, which days were the most difficult, and which regions received the most funerals, see the interactive infographic “Mediazones”.

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