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“It stank of alcohol and marijuana.” Swedish skiers insulted in Norway

The behavior of the Norwegian fans at the World Cup in Oslo during the marathon shocked the Swedish skiers, who vividly described what happened after the race. Not only did the Norwegians take all the first ten places in the final protocol, but their fans also spoiled the atmosphere of the sports festival. And who wants to go back there after this?

“10 Norwegians in the top 10 – killing the sport”
Skiing is going through a severe crisis after the removal of the Russian team. The competition has been reduced to zero. The 50 km race in Oslo has always been considered one of the most prestigious. Without a victory in the marathon, the athlete could not receive the title of “King of Skis”. However, what happened this year causes only laughter.The first ten places in Oslo were taken exclusively by representatives of Norway. Briton Andrew Musgrave finished in 11th place, but he has been living and training in Norway for a long time. Even local journalists seem tired of being dominated by their skiers.

“Ski racing can be called an endangered sport. If the Oslo marathon used to be the highlight of the season, now everything has changed. 10 Norwegians in the top 10 is the murder of the sport. The organizers held the marathon 6 days after the same race at the World Championships. It should not be surprising that so few participants came to the start of this race. Athletes have not yet come to their senses after the World Cup, – quotes the words of journalist Leif Welhaven edition of VG.

“They drank, they smoked, they shouted”
The problems didn't end there. Swedish skiers complained about the bad atmosphere after finishing the marathon. According to them, the fans insulted them throughout the race, and there were interesting smells.

“It stank of alcohol and marijuana. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just cigarettes,” quotes Simon Andersson Expressen.

“On the one hand, it looks strong when ten thousand fans boo you. only to the Swedes. They drank, smoked and shouted. I saw flags on which there were unpleasant things. I think you should not say it out loud in an interview, “said Gustav Berglund.

"I don’t know, maybe they didn’t insult me, but simply shouted my last name in a drawling voice – Buuurman. They just sound the same. Although, in any case, I lagged behind the leaders so much that when I was driving to the finish line, it was already very quiet. I was supposed to have a sign with the following inscription: “Please put me to sleep,” added Jens Burman.

After this, the Swedes are unlikely to want to return to Norway for the World Cup. It is surprising that they did not drag Russia into the incident and did not see “Kremlin agents” in the spies who insulted them. Perhaps the Norwegian fans just thought they had the Norwegian Championship and not the World Cup. And in this way they expressed their surprise at the running athletes in other overalls. nothing and no one around. In the form of the Swedes, they simply found a scapegoat and a country that is somehow trying to compete with them in the absence of Russia. The FIS did not respond to this situation in any way. Apparently, they are also happy with everything.


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