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Senator's adviser's mother says she was forced to hand over money and go into hiding

MOSCOW, April 21Missing in Moscow, the mother of the senator's adviser Tatyana Adabash, found alive in the Tver region, said that she was forced to hide and give 2.6 million rubles by swindlers allegedly from the “Central Bank” and “special services” under the pretext of saving savings, follows from a video published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation .
The video was released on Friday after law enforcement agencies spread information that the missing Adabash had been found in the Tver region. Earlier, Yulia Ivanova, senior assistant to the head of the capital's head office of the RF IC, announced the initiation of a criminal case under articles of unlawful imprisonment and extortion after an elderly woman became a victim of telephone scammers and disappeared in Moscow.
According to Adabash, she has been in a hotel in Tver for three days. She noted that unknown people called her and said that her money was under threat. The woman said that at first she was called allegedly by a security officer of the Central Bank, who said that they were trying to steal money from her account. Then another person began to talk to her, introducing himself as a member of the special services.

“I said why I should believe you, I kind of refused… The second one introduced himself as Viktor Nikolayevich, that he was an employee of the FSB department,” the woman said.

She added that “2.6 million somewhere (translated – ed.)”.
To the question of the investigation, did the attackers say that the special services of Ukraine were trying to steal the money, the victim answered in the affirmative.


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