GENERICO.ruSportThe most popular boxers in the US will still fight. The fight is a must see

The most popular boxers in the US will still fight. The fight is a must see

One of the most anticipated events of the year in world boxing will take place on the night of April 23 in Las Vegas. At the T-Mobile arena, US representative Ryan Garcia will share the ring with compatriot Gervonta Davis. Sport explains why so much attention of fans and media is riveted to the fight.

Both boxers know no defeat
Davis has 28 wins in 28 fights. His opponent's record is 23-0. On Sunday, one of the guys may lose zero in the “defeat” column. Without a marketing magnet, the loser will lose catastrophically in the hype. The opponent will remain undefeated and will be the brightest star of the new generation.


"I don't care who is playing now. If my hand is raised above the ring, I will become the face of boxing. I'm only 28 and already a legend!”

Gervonta Davis
Unbeaten boxer from USA

For two 45 knockouts
Tank (Davis's nickname) has 26 early victories, King Rey has accumulated such 19 pieces. It is extremely difficult to imagine that the confrontation will last the entire distance.Athletes stir up the interest of the public not only with trash talk. A few days before the fight, the main characters of the upcoming show agreed that the winner of the meeting will also receive the opponent's cash in addition to the fee.

Odds: 1.4 vs. 3.0 in favor of Gervonta Davis.

“I don't need to fight you. I was at the top without the help of promoters long before you. Floyd helped you, nobody helped me. Get ready… You're dead.”

Ryan Garcia
American boxer

The Long Wait
When two steep avenues rush to the top, interested managers are not eager to risk assets. This poster also skidded.First, Davis's side successfully pushed a retaliation clause into the contract if Tank lost. Garcia's representatives agreed with this statement of the issue, but put forward a condition – the second fight will be broadcast by the DAZN streaming platform, and it will take place at the Golden Boy Promotions show. In the camp, the Gervonts became stubborn: they wanted the Premier Boxing Champions to get revenge on the Showtime PPV. However, the latter made a concession and shook hands.

Secondly, Davis has problems with the law. The train reaches for the talented boxer so far.

Gervonta can sit down
At the end of 2022, Tank was not the first time arrested for beating a girl. The boxer was released on bail. This incident was left behind, in contrast to the events of 2020.

Then, Davis in a Lamborghini flew through a red light and turned out to be the culprit of an accident, as a result of which four people (including a pregnant woman) needed medical attention. The boxer fled the scene, exacerbating the situation.

Two weeks after the fight with Ryan Garcia, on May 5, Davis is waiting for the verdict. Although he pleaded guilty, paying damages for the treatment of three of the four victims, he still faces more than seven years in prison. April 23 at 4:00 Moscow time. There will be no legal broadcast of the event in Russia.


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