GENERICO.ruRussiaIn Belgorod, it was decided to evacuate the inhabitants of 17 houses due to an aerial bomb discovered nearby

In Belgorod, it was decided to evacuate the inhabitants of 17 houses due to an aerial bomb discovered nearby

In Belgorod, in the area where a shell fell, the explosion of which formed a crater with a radius of 20 meters, they found an aerial bomb, so the authorities decided to evacuate the inhabitants of 17 houses, said the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov.

“The sappers found explosive item. The explosives experts of the Russian Defense Ministry decided to neutralize it at the training ground,” the head of the region specified. According to Gladkov, all houses within a radius of 200 meters will be evacuated, “more than three thousand people” live in them.

According to the telegram channel Baza, we are talking about a FAB-500 projectile located underground at a depth of seven meters. Izvestia published a photograph of the bomb, the source of the publication noted that it was found at a depth of five meters.

Residents of 17 apartment buildings will be sent to temporary accommodation centers. People will be expected at two collection points, as the governor noted, 90 vehicles will be allocated for them.

“Those who have the opportunity, I hope, will wait with their relatives, acquaintances, friends, relatives. Who does not have such an opportunity – in the “Belgorod-Arena”. You can get there both on foot and by buses, which will now be located in close proximity to the evacuated apartment buildings,” Gladkov added.

Belgorod No. 1 also published a video showing columns of empty buses on Gubkin Street, along which the houses selected for evacuation are located. In addition, the readers of the publication said that a traffic controller was placed at the Vatutina-Gubkin intersection, and cars were not allowed to enter Vatutina Street. “mz-publish-photo__image” data-type=”photo” data-slate-custom=”{“src”:”″,”alt”:” ;","imgSrc":"","migrationId":"1646998844495","html":null}” alt=”1″/

Map: “Belgorod No. 1”

As specified by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, according to experts, the ammunition is not explosive, RIA Novosti reports. At about 3 p.m., Gladkov reported that the shell had been taken out of the residential area. In the public “Belgorod №1. People ”a video appeared from a reader, which shows how a truck, accompanied by police and an ambulance, slowly leaves the yards.

On the evening of April 20, the Ministry of Defense reported that there was an “abnormal departure of aviation ammunition” from a Russian Su-34 fighter. As a result of the explosion, a crater formed at the intersection of Vatutin Avenue and Gubkin Street. Apartments in one of the houses and four cars were damaged. Several people were also injured.

The video published by Belgorod No. 1 shows that the bomb first broke through the asphalt, a column of dust appeared. Then, after about 15 seconds, there was a powerful explosion under the surface, the asphalt, the ground and the car standing next to it were lifted into the air by several meters.

After the explosion, the journalists of Zerkalo suggested that two shells had fallen on the city. Their conclusions are based on information about damage to the house at 15 Shalandina Street, which is located, according to journalists, 250 meters from the site of the bomb detonation. In addition, according to the photographs, already on April 21, the damaged building was cordoned off, and there were traces of excavations near it.

Updated at 14:04 and 14:39. Added photos of an aerial bomb and information that the projectile is not explosive.

Updated at 15:35. Gladkov reported that the ammunition was taken out of the residential area.


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