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Woman finds Viking treasure in basement in Norway

MOSCOW, 21 Apr. In Valdres, Norway, a woman discovered a treasure in the basement of her parents' house, writes Innlandet County Municipality.
Greta Margot Sørum was cleaning up when she came across 32 iron ingots. She realized that they have historical significance and turned to specialists. Previously, the find was attributed to the times of the Vikings or the Early Middle Ages.
NRK specifies that the artifacts have been in the house since the 1980s. Greta's father found the metal bars when he was digging a well, and then left them in the basement. Experts believe that someone a thousand years ago could bury the artifacts in order to return for them later. But he never took it.

The ingots are elongated, there is a hole on one side – probably they were tied. The weight of each bar is about 50 grams. Scientists have suggested that they could be used as money.

It was previously reported that a 2000-year-old winery was found in Italy.


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