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Media: The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank completed the project on long-term savings

MOSCOW, April 24The Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank sent a bill on the long-term savings program to the Russian government, it will be considered at a meeting of the government commission on legislative activities on April 24, RBC writes with reference to the draft federal law.
According to the publication, the bill will complete the work on reforming the system of citizens' savings, which has been underway since 2016. The order to launch such a program from April 2023 was previously given by President Vladimir Putin, RBC clarifies.

If the document is adopted, amendments will be made to a number of laws, including those on non-state pension funds, on compulsory pension insurance, and so on.

It is planned that the Russians themselves will accumulate long-term savings through contributions and from previously created pension savings. The employer can also make contributions.
Due to the decline in Russians' interest in savings, program participants will be given a number of incentives, including the right to an annual tax deduction of 52,000 rubles when paying contributions up to 400,000, as well as co-financing of deductions from the state.
It follows from the project, RBC explains, that the period of co-financing and the circle of program participants to whom this option will be available is planned to be limited to three years, starting from the next year after the individual pays savings contributions. Thus, the additional payment from the state will amount to a maximum of 108 thousand rubles.

Support will be available to those who join the program in the first three years of its operation, clarified Interlocutor of RBC, familiar with the project. The minimum investment amount to receive the incentive contribution is set at 2,000 rubles.

In addition, according to RBC, the bill provides for changes in the laws on non-state pension funds, on compulsory pension insurance and on guarantees of the rights of NPF participants. Within the framework of the program, NPFs will act as operators and invest citizens' savings in various securities to increase them. NPFs will receive remuneration in the amount of 0.6% of the average value of funds and up to 15% of investment income.
It is clarified that in order to participate in the program, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with the NPF, which can be concluded from the age of 18. The entry fee is determined independently, the frequency – through the contract. Citizens have the right to conclude an unlimited number of contracts. The deposited funds will be insured in the amount of 2.8 million rubles. The program will save money for the future and in case of “special life situations”.
In the event of such situations: getting a higher education by a child or paying for expensive treatment of a program participant, it is possible to withdraw part of the savings or the entire amount ahead of schedule without losing interest income. The government may establish requirements for the procedure for determining the maximum amount of the withdrawn amount, as well as the composition of documents confirming the occurrence of this situation, RBC writes. data-url=”” data-title=”Research: 47% of Russians are ready to invest part of their savings in education”>< br />


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