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New Russian Claudinho – about citizenship, the great Pele and Dzyuba's provocations

Brazilian midfielder Claudinho is one of the key players of Zenit “. In an interview with Sport, the football player said whether he was ready to leave the St. Petersburg team, speculated about a possible game for the Russian national team and remembered the meeting with Pele. for almost two years. Tell us what has changed in the club during this time?

– We have added a lot this season thanks to new players, mutual understanding has grown, confidence and reliability have been added in defense. I think we confirm the status of a grand, the strongest team in Russia, and this is not easy in such a competitive championship.

— What did you learn at Zenit?
— In the autumn I had an unpleasant injury, for the first time in my career I was out of action for a long time. The return turned out to be difficult, but this experience made me stronger – it once again reminded me that with faith in God and in what you are doing, you can overcome any difficulties.

— What are your personal goals for rest of the season and for the next few years?

– Like any professional athlete, I want to become a champion again. Not only this season, but in all subsequent years. I want to win tournaments in which we will take part. I want to write a name in the history of Zenit.
— Are you ready to stay at Zenit for the next season?
— I live for today, my contract with the club is calculated until 2027. I'm going to work it out to the end, helping the team win and take new trophies. Of course, there is always the possibility that the club will receive an offer, consider and evaluate it, and then decide whether to accept it or not.
– For more than a year, Russia has not competed in international competitions, including the Champions League. How did you take the news about the suspension, given that you talked about the dream of playing with Zenit in this tournament?

— I am very sad that we do not have the opportunity to play in European competitions, this is unfair, because we are champions, who earned the right to play in the main club tournament in Europe in a fair fight. I would like to believe that the chance will appear again in the near future.

— You and Malcom received a Russian passport. Why did you decide to do this and how did this idea come about?
– Answered this question many times. When this opportunity presented itself, I realized that it would be good for me and for the club, and even more pride and honor. Once again I would like to thank the team and everyone involved in my naturalization, because I am very happy!

– After the match with Fenerbahce, you said that you came with a Russian passport. In what other cases did you have to use it?
— So far I use it only when flying around Russia.
— Considering the current situation, is it possible to say that we said goodbye to the Brazilian national team, or is it still a goal?
– Of course, playing for the Brazilian national team remains the goal. I am sure that it all depends on me and on how I will show myself, speaking for the club. Any Brazilian boy from childhood dreams of getting into the national team. I will continue to do my best to make it happen to me again.

— Are you considering playing for the Russian national team if you can’t play for Brazil?
— In at the moment I don’t think about it and I can’t even imagine why I will be called up to the Russian team. There are many talented and quality football players who deserve to play for the national team.
– It was reported that Gustavo Mantuan does not rule out the possibility of obtaining a Russian passport. Have you heard about it? Are there any other legionnaires in Zenit who are thinking about such an option?
— To be honest, I don’t know anything about it. As for Gustavo, it's better to ask him himself.

“Dzyuba has the right to an opinion”—What kind of relationship do you have with the Russians in Zenit? Do you communicate with someone off the field? Can you go to a restaurant together?

– Of course, we communicate well and get along with each other, we joke, we tease. I have a little closer relationship with someone, like with Andrei Mostov and Daniil Odoevsky, but in general the atmosphere in the team is very friendly.
— When you came to Zenit, you said that you communicated well with Artem Dzyuba. Do you keep in touch with him now?
– No, we do not communicate.
– Recently Dziuba admitted that he does not like a large number of Brazilians in Zenit. How did you take his words? Was it offensive?

Like any person, he has a right to an opinion. I don't think I need to comment on his words in any way.
– After the victory over Lokomotiv, you and Malcolm said “Rio de Janeiro” several times. Was this the answer to Artem Dziuba?
— It was the joy of an important victory over a difficult opponent. This is how we celebrated the long and steep history of relations between Zenit and Brazilian football players, who have already made and will continue to make a great contribution to the success of the club.

– You started your career at Santos, for which Pele played for a long time. Tell us what he meant to the club and Brazil?

Pele means everything to Brazil, he is the King of Football. I don't have enough words to describe what he did for our country. I am grateful to God that I had the opportunity to meet him personally – we trained with his son Joshua, and at Santos one of the members of the coaching staff was the son of Pele's teammate. Our acquaintance turned out to be short – we greeted each other, wished good luck and dispersed. But I will always remember that moment!
– How did you feel when you learned about the death of Pele?
– This is a huge loss for Brazil and the whole world. I mourned his passing, as would any Brazilian who loves football and is proud that Pelé was born and played under our flag.
Do you think there is anyone now who can be called his heir?< /strong>

I don't know if we can talk about heirs, because Pele is unique and inimitable.
– Neymar played with you at Santos at the same time. Did you cross paths?
– Neymar and I were on the same Santos futsal team, but we never got to play. Therefore, we personally met a little later – he just sat next to me and started chatting. I couldn’t even find the words right away, I was so embarrassed.
— What is he like in communication?

— Very simple and modest, while he has cool charisma and the desire to never stop on what has been achieved. Although behind an amazing career and a huge number of victories.

“There is no music better than the Champions League anthem”—Palmeiras and Marseille are actively interested in you. Did the representatives of the clubs personally apply for a possible transfer?
— There were personal negotiations, but I decided to stay at Zenit, because I considered that my story in St. Petersburg was not over yet. At the moment I have a valid agreement with the Blue-White-Blues, I don’t think about other teams and championships.
– Now there is a lot of talk about the possible transition of Russia to Asia. If this happens, what will it mean for you as a player?
– I do not know what to say, but I am absolutely convinced that there is no music in football better than the Champions League anthem. This is the main club tournament in the world, nothing compares to it. I hope Russian clubs will return there soon.
— Who from Zenit could go to a European club right now and play there?
– Zenit has an excellent selection of players – the strongest Russian football players and top foreign players are gathered here, Everyone could prove himself in Europe. performers. What is the peculiarity of the coach, could he work in a European club?

“Of course I could! Sergey Semak is an excellent coach who himself was a professional football player with a cool career, so he perfectly understands all the smallest nuances of our life and often acts as an older friend or even a father. This is the best coach in Russia, which has been proving in practice for many years in a row. Great masters are gathered in his headquarters, all together they confidently lead Zenit to victories. As for the selection of performers, I think our competitors also have strong lineups.

— Why has Zenit been the undisputed leader of the Russian Championship for several years?
— Zenit is a club with an excellent infrastructure and the highest level of professionalism at every level, from management to ordinary employees. Well-played squad, friendly atmosphere, winning experience and at the same time hunger for new trophies. All these are important components of leadership.
— Now someone can impose a fight for the championship on Zenit?
— You can’t relax even for a minute – there are many strong teams in the Russian championship, competitors are always nearby It's getting harder and harder to win. Nevertheless, we are not going to give up our positions. Come on, Zenit!


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