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Scientists uncover the secret of the strength of Mayan buildings

MOSCOW, 22 Apr. Scientists have uncovered the secret of the strength of the Mayan buildings that have survived on the territory of modern Honduras, writes with reference to the scientific journal Science Advances.
It's all about the plaster. The experts found that the mixtures differed in different regions. The composition from Honduras was distinguished by its durability. Using electron microscopes and x-rays, experts examined samples of this plaster and found organic inclusions.
Intrigued archaeologists turned to local masons and descendants of the Maya for advice. As a result, they found out that here in ancient times they added tree sap to gypsum – chukum or jiote. These species grow in the vicinity of the Copan site.

The team repeated the Mayan plaster recipe. The results of the study showed that thanks to the mixture with this ingredient, objects better tolerate the high humidity characteristic of the climate of Honduras.


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