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Republicans urged not to let Biden “finish things”

WASHINGTON, Apr 25 The Republican Party told the US President Joe Biden should not be allowed to “get the job done” and called for the 2024 election to vote for her candidate.
The governing body of the US Republican Party, the National Committee, published on its website a response to the official nomination of Biden, who represents the Democratic Party.

“We already know one of Biden's favorite campaign slogans: 'get it done'. But Americans can't afford to let Biden 'get it done'. In fact, this slogan is a warning against his re-election” , – said in the comment.

Republicans list their grievances for the first term of the incumbent – high inflation, falling incomes, rising taxes, persecution of the fuel and energy complex, migration crisis on the southern border, a drop in the quality of school education, a surge in crime, liberalization abortions. In foreign policy, the opposition blamed Biden for his “catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan,” failure to confront China, and “give the green light to Russia's Nord Stream 2 pipeline.” The gas route to Europe never went online. , and was blown up last year.American journalist Seymour Hersh conducted an investigation, as a result of which he accused Biden of sabotage.
Republicans said that, unlike Biden, their agenda offers Americans “prosperity, security and freedom.” therefore, a Republican will be elected president in 2024,” the article says.
Who exactly will represent the Republican Party in the elections will be decided by the results of the primaries. The highest ratings are for ex-president Donald Trump, who has already announced his intention to run.< br>


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