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Conflicts in Sudan disregard the rules of war, UN says

UN, Apr 26 Warring parties in Sudan disregarded the rules of conduct war, Volker Perthes, Special Representative of the Secretary General for Sudan, said at a meeting of the UN Security Council.
“Both opposing sides fought with disregard for the laws and norms of war, attacking densely populated areas with little regard for civilians, hospitals or even vehicles carrying the sick, wounded,” Perthes said.
“I call on both sides to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law and ensure the protection of civilians and civilian infrastructure. Civilians must have a safe passage to leave areas of active hostilities and access supplies,” he added.

Fighting has been going on in Sudan since April 15 between the rapid reaction forces under the command of Mohammed Hamdan Daglo and the regular army. The opposing forces exchange conflicting statements about the successes in combat operations and control over objects, having launched a large-scale information war in the media and social networks.

Clash death toll rises to 600, according to Sudan's health minister. >


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