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New Ford Excursion: what it can be

We've previously done renderings of the Ford Excursion Lightning flagship electric SUV, today we'll imagine what a full-fledged successor to the largest production SUV with classic internal combustion engine.

The Excursion model was first introduced in September 1999 and to this day remains the largest serial SUV: its length is 5760 mm, width 2030 mm, height exactly 2 meters, and the distance between the axles is 3482 mm. For comparison, the largest SUV in the Ford Expedition Max range today has dimensions of 5630x2000x1974 mm, wheelbase – 3327 mm. Excursion turned out to be not the most successful product commercially, as a result of which, due to low demand, it only lasted 6 years on the assembly line (until 2005) and did not receive a direct successor. The peak of its sales came in 2000, when a little more than 50 thousand copies were sold, while in the last full year of production (2004), only 20 thousand SUVs found their customers. However, in recent years, the demand for various types of crossovers and SUVs has only increased, so the new Excursion could be more successful.

new Ford Excursion

The first and only generation model was based on the large Ford F-250/350 Super Duty pickups and received from them the front end and other body elements. The SUV presented in the renders is made according to the same recipe: the latest generation Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup is taken as the basis, its wheelbase is slightly reduced, and the rear doors, on the contrary, are made wider for ease of landing on the second and third rows of seats. The front part is completely similar to a pickup truck, while at the back the SUV borrowed the lights and tailgate design from the pickup truck. Like its progenitor, the tailgate of the new Excursion has an original design, which consists of a lifting glass and swing doors.

Render of the new Ford Excursion

The stuffing of the new SUV could almost completely get from the latest generation F-350 Super Duty pickup truck, which has a frame chassis and an aluminum body structure. The basic version is equipped with a V8 6.8 gasoline naturally aspirated engine with a power of 411 hp. (603 Nm), which replaced the 390-horsepower V8 6.2. A more powerful version of the Godzilla V8 with a volume of 7.3 liters has 436 hp. (657 Nm). The most productive modification is equipped with a 6.7-liter diesel V8, its power is 482 hp. and 1422 Nm of torque, and in the top version the motor is boosted to 507 hp. and 1625 Nm. All versions are equipped with a 10-speed “automatic”.

Ford Excursion 1999-2005 1/4 Ford Excursion 1999-2005 2/4 Ford Excursion 1999-2005 3/4 Ford Excursion 1999-2005 4/4

Inter Meanwhile, at the beginning of this year, tuning studio MegaRexx Trucks showed a three-row pickup truck based on the Ford F-250 Super Duty. We also previously found out whether it is worth buying a used Ford Excursion.


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