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Parliamentarians wanted to ease the tax burden of working pensioners

But only those who are not engaged in entrepreneurship

A group of deputies of the lower house of parliament proposed to slightly improve the well-being of working pensioners. On Monday, April 24, they submitted a bill to the State Duma, if adopted, the tax burden on this group of citizens will be reduced.

But only those who are not entrepreneurial

As it became known to MK, parliamentarians proposed to exempt pensioners from personal income tax. Today in Russia there are about 8 million working pensioners. The average personal income tax of a pensioner is more than 11 thousand per year. According to lawmakers, the adoption of the document will make it possible to compensate the most needy working pensioners for the lack of indexation of their pensions, which have been abandoned since 2016.

The benefit is planned to be provided to those pensioners who work under an employment or civil law contract, provided that their income does not exceed 700 thousand rubles a year. It is planned to exempt older workers from the tax from the moment they receive a pension. In addition, the rule will not apply to individual entrepreneurs and persons engaged in private practice.


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