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Residents of houses burned down in Sverdlovsk Sosva will receive up to 300 thousand rubles

YEKATERINBURG, April 26 Residents of the Sverdlovsk village of Sosva, who lost their homes as a result of a fire, will be able to receive compensation payments of up to 300,000 rubles per family, the regional department of information policy reports.
Earlier, the head of the Sosvinsky urban district, Gennady Makarov, said that about 120 houses fell into disrepair after the fire, about 600 people were left without housing.
“The region has all the necessary regulatory framework for providing material assistance to fire victims. First of all, they are promptly paid 10,000 rubles according to the law. Further, payments for the loss of property are calculated – up to 100,000 rubles per person, but not more than 300,000 rubles family,” the statement said.

It is specified that in the future, work will begin on issues related to housing: some people want to stay in the village and restore their houses, some of the victims of the fire expressed a desire to leave. This information is being collected and analyzed to work out next steps, the authorities added.

“Now in the village, work is being quickly organized to deliver water, to restore power supply precisely to the surviving houses. Forces and means are being formed to clean up the already affected households and resolve those issues that will arise. For the summer, the option of placing children in our country camps is being worked out. “, – said the first deputy governor of the region Alexei Shmykov.

The fire in the village of Sosva broke out on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday morning, the fire was localized at 9,000 square meters. One person died. The village has declared a state of emergency. The Investigative Committee opened two criminal cases – on the negligence of officials and causing the death of a person whose body was found during the extinguishing. According to Valery Gorelykh, head of the press service of the regional head office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, smoldering sawdust on the territory of a local timber processing enterprise could have caused the fire.


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