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Scientists unravel the mystery of the 819-day Mayan calendar

MOSCOW, April 26 Scientists from Tulane University (New Orleans, USA) have uncovered the secret of the 819-day Mayan calendar, writes with reference to an article in the scientific magazine Ancient Mesoamerica.
Ancient astronomers left no explanation of how such a system correlates with the usual calendar of the Mesoamerican civilization. Previously, it was possible to find a connection only with the movement of Mercury. It's about its synodic period, which describes when a particular planet will appear at a particular point in the sky. Mercury has 117 days. If you multiply by seven, you get exactly 819.
Experts from New Orleans have suggested that the 819-day counting system can apply to a longer period and predict the appearance of planets within 45 years. They came to these conclusions by doing the calculations.

Scientists have noticed: if 819 is increased by 20 times, 16,380 will come out (about 45 years). This number is a multiple of 260 – exactly so many days in the sacred Mayan calendar Tzolkin. Another example of coincidence is the synodic period of Saturn. Its 13 cycles are equal to 4914 days. This number can be obtained by multiplying 819 by six.

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