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Why was Einstein right? Relativity and black holes

We all die. But this is not accurateWhy was Einstein right? The theory of relativity and black holes . When “ghost particles” appear, what is entropy, and why information disappears in a black hole. What is the weakness of string theory, was Einstein a bad mathematician, and why even moving an object in time will not destroy his theory.
Why the theory of relativity has stood up to criticism for more than 100 years, and when “spirits” appear in physics, were told by the staff of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at JINR: Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Leading Researcher Anton Baushev and Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher Evgeny Davydov.
We talked about how gravitational waves will help to study the Universe in the episode Interactions that distort space-time: gravitational waves?”.
We talked about electromagnetic waves in the episode Electron, microwave and silicon: what is microelectronics and how do chips work?”.

The episode was produced in collaboration with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, an international intergovernmental research organization in the science city of Dubna (Telegram/VK/YouTube).

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Episode experts: Anton Baushev and Evgeny Davydov

Episode prepared by: Artem Buftyak and Artur Arushanyan
Editing: Anastasia Panioti
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