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Doctors spoke about the condition of children blown up in Donetsk

DONETSK, 27 Apr. Children injured in the explosion in Donetsk are in a moderate condition, there is no talk of amputation, director of the Republican Traumatology Center Andrei Boryak said.
Mayor of the city Aleksey Kulemzin said earlier that four children aged 12 to 14 were injured in an explosion on an explosive object in the Proletarsky district of Donetsk. The nature of the consequences of the explosion does not allow us to talk about the detonation of an anti-personnel mine of the “Lepestok” type, eyewitnesses report that teenagers tried to push an unknown object off the road, which subsequently exploded.

fragmentation of soft tissues, three children have fractures of the limbs of varying degrees. All were taken by ambulance teams, at the pre-hospital stage, everything was done in the proper amount,” the agency's interlocutor said.

According to him, now the children are in the operating anti-shock ward at different stages. “Aid is being provided, and all necessary surgical interventions will be performed. At the moment, all four children are stable,” Boryak said.
Deputy Health Minister Anastasia Martynova noted the efficiency of the ambulance team. “It is necessary to note the work of the ambulance, which arrived at the place very quickly, very quickly, provided first aid on the spot, and the children were taken as soon as possible to a medical institution, which was warned that there would be a mass influx of children,” she said. .
According to the director of the republican trauma center, since the beginning of the special operation, more than 150 children with mine-explosive injuries have been hospitalized in this institution alone.


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