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It's time to move to 4K!

You can drastically improve your DVR footage by upgrading your old gadget to a 4K model. A high-definition camera will capture those small but important details that ordinary Full HD recorders simply “drown in soap” and will not let you see if an accident happens.

The same type of car combo devices, which have had everything for a long time and only slightly differ in design, are tired. The video recorder quality of these gadgets has been practically not growing for several years, which is what the field of combo devices resembles … Chinese crossovers: there are more and more of them on the market, they get more and more secondary bells and whistles, and the engines remain the same as they were “one and a half”.< /p>

However, now we are witnessing a change of era – high-resolution camera matrices have begun to actively penetrate into DVRs and “amps”, allowing you to shoot in 4K – or rather, 3840×2160 pixels. This is radically more than the Full HD 1920×1080 that we are used to and is noticeably better than any Super HD or Ultra HD 2304×1296, which could not become popular, since they were most often interpolated Full HD: with an increase in the “weight” of the video, but almost no increase quality.

iBOX RoadScan 4K WiFi GPS Dual is the first 4K novelty in the iBOX range, and with it the manufacturer, as they say, “came up with trump cards”! The ability to shoot in 4K, and honestly 3840x2160p (without any fake interpolation), was put into the body of a very functionally rich device.

iBOX RoadScan 4K WiFi GPS Dual is a combo hybrid: it includes a DVR and a GPS/GLONASS informer with an over-the-air update via Wi-Fi of a base of cameras, radars and ambushes.

  • Processor – Mstar 8629.
  • Video resolution – 4K, 3840×2160 pixels (30 fps).
  • Matrix – Sony Starvis IMX415; 8 MP, 170 degree diagonal viewing angle
  • Display – 3.0″ IPS
  • Memory – MicroSD card up to 128 GB

< p>An 8-megapixel (only 2-megapixel cameras were used in Full HD systems) Sony Starvis IMX415 matrix, originally designed for professional use – for street cameras of Smart City systems, is responsible for the video here. In the RoadScan 4K WiFi GPS Dual glass lens, this sensor performs at its best! In addition, a special CPL filter is supplied as standard, which allows you to remove dash reflections and glare from the windshield on the video, making the image clearer and more contrast.

The registrar will promptly warn you with voice and screen alerts about all types of traffic troubles – all stationary cameras, radars operating in pairs, urban restrictions such as leased lines and cameras at intersections, temporary mobile ambushes, traffic police posts, etc. All types of dangers can be flexibly configured, turn off unnecessary ones, adjust the speed limits of alerts and sound types. The base of coordinates of road objects is updated weekly and is free for owners of iBOX devices without time limits.

To update the camera database, RoadScan 4K WiFi GPS Dual has a Wi-Fi module through which the gadget connects to the proprietary iBOX Drive mobile application for Android or Apple. Plus, through the application, you can also always quickly download videos from the gadget's memory to save to your smartphone or tablet.

The device comes with two options for magnetic mounts, on a suction cup and on double-sided tape, so that you can use the device both in your permanent car and in a rental or replacement car. The power source is not a battery, which can swell or even catch fire from extremely high temperatures for lithium-ion in the car, but a supercapacitor-ionistor that operates in the temperature range
from -35 to +55!

A separate bonus is the ability to further expand the functionality of the RoadScan 4K WiFi GPS Dual by connecting additionally purchased accessories. The combo device supports the connection of the iBOX RearCam FHD11 rear view camera and the iBOX RearCam FHD4 interior camera (one of your choice). After connecting any of the cameras, video from them will be automatically recorded in parallel with the main one, which increases safety when driving and transporting passengers.

Despite the functional richness, the gadget is very compact: it weighs 100 grams with dimensions of 90x52x18 mm. Which is very convenient if you take the device with you without leaving it in the parking lot for vandals, especially since there is a convenient case for this!


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